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Hullo! In the mood for some fanfic? Help yourself to chapter 37 of Trip Through Your Wires. It's fat-free!…

I'll let you in on a secret that's not really a secret. I do a lot of my "for-fun" writing using the Notes feature on my iPhone. That's right, I use my thumbs. They go deedle-dee-dee across the virtual keyboard, and it's curiously effective for getting the job done.

I used to try carrying around a laptop, a netbook, name it--nothing has proven as effective as a tiny word processor that I can pull out of my purse at any time.

The one drawback is that the tiny iPhone screen makes it look like I've written a mountain of text when in reality, I've written, like, two sentences. When I decided to cut off TTYW 37, I said, "Well, I've almost certainly put in 3000 words, I guess this is where I'll--wait--1600 words??"

Nevertheless, I decided to stop there because I AM A BUSY WOMAN.

*Impatient cigar puff*

...That...that might be a small lie.
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My O My. I have a new chapter of TTYW. Get it while it's lukewarm!…

If you're interested in authors' notes and other self-indulgent pieces of writing, there's a little bit of insight over on my LJ (yes, I still use LJ, for I am a dinosaur--and not even a cool one, like a velociraptor).…

I hope you enjoy!
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Hiya, friends, enemies, and frenemies! I went on a writing binge, and wouldn't you know it, out came chapter 35 of Trip Through Your Wires.

Like so.

I hopes you likes it! If you're still in need of my TTYW chapter summary, it's over yonder.
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I recently cleaned up and added an older project of mine titled "Band." It's a supplementary story to my Mega Man X fanfic, Trip Through Your Wires. It's kind of old so it's not particularly well-written, but if you're into TTYW, you might find it interesting! I hope!

"Band" is Caillou McTreggor's backstory, as told by alternating viewpoints from his father (Jake), his mother (Ange), and himself (uh, Caillou). Enjoy!
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Er, hi!

I updated my Mega Man X fanfic, Trip Through Your Wires, if you're interested!

And if you're completely lost because like ten civilizations have risen and fallen since I last updated, here's a summary of the story.

Thanks, d00ds!
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Here comes chapter 33, speeding towards you with the litheness of an old dog with a broken hip.

I've been meaning to update this hole with some of my newer work, too. I'm working on the second draft of my novel. I've never finished a first draft of a novel before, so this is monumental. Let's celebrate with ten beers for me.
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Oh, uh I should have made this obvious from the get-go, but I DID update Trip Through Your Wires quite recently! The trick is, I make note of updates on my Livejournal ( You can also follow the fanfic on my account ( These stay updated even if Mechadrake doesn't.

There. I'm hip.
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"You haven't updated Mechadrake! Why you gotta suck so bad?"

It's the way I am, unfortunately. :( Until my husband finds a steady job, I'm the sole source of income in le casa. The good news is, this has done wonders for my career, if you can call it that. I'm writing for 1UP, Next Gen,, Mania, What They Play (great site), b5media and whoever else asks me. "Nadia, can you--" "Gimme a dime and I'll blow a hobo with syphilis."

Okay, it's not that bad. Yet.

The bad news is, I'm dog tired. I have set some time aside for pleasure writing, though. I'm on the second draft of my novel. See those "excerpts" I posted? 95% of them can go straight into the garbage. The second draft is already radically different.

I've also resumed writing Trip Through Your Wires, my Mega Man X fanfic that's been ongoing for seven years Jesus Christ what's wrong with me.
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Hey Sports Fans. I've been having some terrible trouble with Mechadrake. The server we're stuck on for now is utterly useless, but the page IS back!

However, there's something wretchedly wrong with the oekaki, and I apologise profusely to all of you who have lost work.

I'm working on the troubles and I hope everything will be pain-free ASAP.
Holy toledo.  Well it's only been two years since I updated the journal and one year since I updated content.  That's not so bad, right?

I've been writing for my supper these days, though I may as well stand on the corner with my pants down around my ankles and dance for quarters.  When I have a few shameful moments to myself, I'll peck out a few paragraphs of my novel.
Been a while since I wrote anything here.  I now write occasionally for 1UP, a spiffo keen video game website by Ziff Davis Media.  When I was a kid, I used to fantasise about writing for a gaming publication.  Or maybe I used to fantasise about owning a unicorn named Moonbeam.  Eh.  One or the other.
Well, I mentioned having a flash fiction published in NFG magazine (, and the issue, after much delay, is finally out.  My bit is called "Genetic Blemish," and is part of the Great 69'er Contest (second entry down).  You can vote for me on the site!

NFG is pretty easy to find if you live in Canada, especially Toronto.  America is a bit trickier, but you can always order it online, I believe.  Check out NFG's "Where To Find Us" link, and to vote, click on "Vote on the Great 69'er."  Easy enough, no?

Still no luck on a full-length publication.
My first national printed publication is coming in Jaunary.  It figures that my first success would be a 69-word story about a criminal who accidently rapes his own daughter.  It makes me proud, but it's not the kind of publication I'm aiming to share with my grandmother.

The story will be in NFG Magazine (  It was selected as a finalist for their monthly Great 69'er Contest.  Readers get the final vote and if I win I get money, so when the time comes 'round, everyone buy a copy and vote for me! :D :D

I'm still trying to get a real-length story published, of course.  Back to the 486, Marty McFly.
I added a bunch of stuff here ... not sure if anyone visits, but hey, why not? :D
(Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah)
(Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah)

I figured, I have a Deviantart account, I may as well use it.  Mostly old stuff here for now.  I hate to be petty and juvenile, but I'll say it anyway; this place kicks the everlovin' shit out of a certain !!!WOODSY!!! place that's populated by an !!!ELF!!! or two.